New Reach Truck from Mitsubishi

"The RBF14-20CA from Mitsubishi is incredibly user friendly, it's built on simplicity without compromising on performance," says Gary Hodge, National Sales & Marketing Manager at MLA Holdings. "MLA is very pleased that we are now able to offer this product to the Australian market."

Hydraulics, travelling, and power steering functions on the RBF have been integrated into one AC control system, which makes the truck much smoother to operate. The simplicity of the controls allows the operator to be more focussed and productive. Visibility is also significantly enhanced on the RBF. The free lift cylinder is mounted diagonally and away from the mast symmetry, allowing for unflawed forward view.

Performance standards were not compromised when making the RBF-CA. AC motor technology delivers a smooth and powerful drive, while 360 degree steering gives the truck a tight turning radius, creating space efficiency in busy warehouse environments.

The RBF14-20CA reach truck is available in three different models with a maximum lift height of 10 metres.

MLA Holdings have been leading the Australian materials handling industry since 1980. Together with the Mitsubishi Forklift brand they hold a reputation built on delivering the highest quality, most reliable forklifts. The new RBF14-20CA reach truck is another addition to its extensive range of warehouse, electric, and engine forklifts.

The release of the RBF14-20CA has been reported by T&L News, and


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