July Newsletter



Electric forklifts, power pallet moversand new forklift releases all feature in the July issue of the MLA Newsletter:


Ken's Korner

During a clean- up of my files at the end of the financial year I found a memo that I had sent to all Managers back in December 1998. Yes! 15 years ago, but I believe its significance is still valid. The practice and implementation of this message will continue to play an important role in MLA's success.

Firstly, you must discipline yourself to always give your clients the best possible service and then see all your staff have the same attitude. Poor service is unacceptable. Good service is not enough. To succeed and get ahead of competitors we must give superior service at all times to all customers...

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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 2014 Dealer Management Conference

Early June in Singapore is hot and humid. It is also the time and venue for the Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 2014 Dealer Management Conference, the first opportunity for such a meeting in more than 2 years. The highlight of the conference was the launch of 3 new product ranges; a new 6 & 7 ton range with reduced turning radius and higher retained capacity, a new 10 to 16 ton range of sophisticated forklifts with an extensive option list, and finally a new sit-on reach truck that offers lift height of up to 13 meters. With the success of the conference and the launch of the new ranges the future for Mitsubishi Forklifts is looking bright and exciting...

MCFS 020614

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Reduce Workplace Injury

Tired of moving material around with a hand pallet jack? Frustrated by not being able to work effectively in confined spaces? Concerned your staff may injure themselves moving heavy pallets? Mitsubishi has the solution! This Mitsubishi PBP16-20N2 power pallet series has been specifically developed for outstanding performance in challenging environments and to offer a comprehensive solution to safe horizontal movement of pallets...

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Mitsubishi Electric Forklifts: Delivering what you need

The Mitsubishi FB-CA series comes with a range of advanced features such as all AC motors providing seamless interaction between the operator and forklift. More powerful functional capabilities are achieved in truck travelling, hydraulic operations and steering. All Mitsubishi Electric forklifts are now equipped with energy saving regenerative systems designed to conserve battery power and contribute to higher productivity...

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Frank Cullen Remembered

It's with great fondness that we remember NSW Senior Area Manager Frank Cullen who passed away recently after battling long term health problems. Frank and his amazing sense of humour will be sorely missed by all MLA staff and his clients, his loving family and friends, and particularly by his mates from the golf club...

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