Engine Forklifts

1.8 to 3.5T Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

Developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity, GRENDIA sets the highest of standards for IC engine counterbalance forklifts. No other forklift includes so many advanced features in its standard specification. That’s why GRENDIA is such unbeatable value for money. What’s more, its durable components, low-maintenance design and fuel economy will continue to keep down the cost of forklift ownership, year after year.

The name GRENDIA means ‘Green Diamond’: green for environmental protection; diamond for high quality, reliability and sound investments. Fast, stable and exceptionally powerful, GRENDIA forklifts offer a potent combination of high efficiency, low emissions and very low noise levels. To that, Mitsubishi has added a host of ergonomic features to maximise comfort, control and precision. The result is a forklift that can be relied upon to deliver top performance, whatever the application, whatever the conditions.

4.0t to 5.5t Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

The effectiveness and legendary reliability of Mitsubishi 4 and 5 tonne IC engine forklifts has been proved over many years in the most demanding of applications. Generations of forklift owners have grown to love and depend upon these tough and highly capable machines. GRENDIA EX builds on those exceptional qualities. Environmentally friendly, and with the quality, reliability and investment value you would associate with diamonds, its name – meaning ‘Green Diamond’ – is truly deserved.

Low noise and vibration, a comfortable operating environment and the latest ErgoCentric developments in steering, hydraulic and other controls will all be welcomed by operators. Meanwhile, the IPS2 Integrated Presence System and advanced brake systems will help ensure that they stay safe. And as always, every system and component has been designed and chosen to minimise downtime and maintenance costs.

6.0t to 7.0t Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

Famed for their sheer durability, Mitsubishi FD series trucks are built to uncompromising standards for high performance… and lasting performance. Operating costs are minimised, thanks to quality components, low-maintenance design and easy service access.

The rugged chassis with planetary final drives and fully floating powertrain ensures smooth yet powerful operation. And because the entire powertrain is manufactured entirely in-house, balance and compatibility are assured. Meanwhile, continuous Mitsubishi research and development in the field of ergonomics has resulted in driver-friendly features that enable productivity to be maintained through the longest of shifts.

10.0t to 16.0t Engine Counterbalance Forklifts

These heavy weight forklifts deliver all the productivity and reliability you would expect from a Mitsubishi product – in a rugged, extremely powerful package. And although they are tough in action, they are gentle on the driver and the environment. Low noise, effortless hydraulic control and refined ergonomics make driving a pleasure, while emissions have been minimised to meet the strict European exhaust emissions regulations.

Styling is modern and attractive, and a choice of five capacities is offered to meet every need. Lift speed and gradient performance are exceptional, thanks to the high-powered engine and efficient transmission. High-quality components, protective features and easy service access maximise uptime, while great all-round visibility, a secure operator compartment and the Integrated Presence System (IPS) give peace of mind.