Mounty Moffett

Mounty Moffett: Truck Mounted Forklift repairs and servicing.Do you have a truck mounted forklift needing service or repair?


At Classic MLA , we can undertake repairs and services to your Mounty Moffett forklift so if you’re in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, we’re close by to get you on the move in no time.

With access to our 24/7 mobile maintenance vans and our on call experienced technicians, a mechanical issue won’t cost you too much downtime with Classic MLA . We can also work out a regular preventative maintenance schedule with you to ensure your truck mounted forklift is always reliable and in good working order.

To learn more about repairs and servicing of your Mounty Moffett forklift, contact us. Our experienced team can easily assist you with your servicing and repair needs.